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Lessons are carried out in person in Broomhill, Sheffield.

Spanish Tuition Sheffield - private class - best lessons ever

Spanish small group evening classes starting September ’24

Beginner Spanish classes in Sheffield and online

BEGINNERS’ small groups:

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All courses 10 weeks, max 10 people
(half the class size of other colleges)

Beginner courses only £175.

All classes video recorded so you never need to miss a class.

For more information, and to register and pay to secure your place please visit: spanishwithvictoria.com

Request a callback to discuss the options and check the best course for you.

Some KIND WORDS from students…

“Victoria is a great teacher, I really enjoy the way she teaches the class. I thought I would struggle to understand the classes as they are taught completely in Spanish but it’s amazing how much you pick up and you walk away from each lesson with a sense of achievement. Victoria always makes sure you understand what is being said, is full of energy and fosters a very non-judgemental atmosphere which means I find it easier to practice speaking in the class. I’ve completed the beginner class and have now moved onto the advanced beginner. Looking forward to resuming classes in the new year. Thanks again!” Hannah

“Victoria is a fantastic teacher and I have really enjoyed learning Spanish in her classes, which can cover really interesting topics as you progress further. I love her approach to create a welcoming encouraging environment to try. It really helped me ahead of my trip to South America and since returning I have continued learning with her and progressing my Spanish. She makes sure to teach in a friendly environment and is always looking to keep classes interesting and keep us learning.” Kate

“I was really anxious about starting a new language that I had never studied before but Victoria’s classes are fantastic!! I am now over a year into a weekly course with Victoria. The classes are fun and Victoria is a great teacher!!! She’s so patient and easy to get along with. If it hadn’t been for Victoria’s way of teaching and friendly easy-going personality, I think I could easily have dropped out- due to unrelated personal issues…But Victoria’s encouragement and fun classes keep me going.” Emily

“Enjoying my lessons, excellent structure to the learning and constructive homework to build upon learning the language. I wanted to learn Spanish so that I feel more confident should I travel to Spain on holiday. Although I am still on the beginners course I have already committed to joining the advanced beginners course as I am developing my Spanish and finding the learning very interesting and fun. Victoria is an excellent teacher. I would certainly recommend Victoria if you are wanting to learn Spanish.” Nikki

“I’ve been going to classes with Victoria for just over a year. They’re great fun and excellent value for money. Victoria has a great way of teaching that’s never boring and is centred upon class participation. I’d highly recommend these classes to anyone looking for a fun way to learn Spanish.” Sam

“Victoria is a wonderful teacher. Her educational style promotes organic learning that can be applied in real world scenarios, rather than getting too hung up on things like grammar. If you want to learn how to really speak Spanish rather than simply learning about grammatical rules, etc, then this course is for you. Victoria herself has a caring and calming demeaner which really aids the learning experience. If you struggle, you aren’t made to feel judged or embarrassed. Although she’s such a good teacher, that students tend not to struggle anyway! Her lessons are fun and engaging. They are just the right level of interactive. Not too mentally taxing for someone with social anxiety like myself!” Frances

“I have been learning Spanish with Victoria for several terms now. I joined as a beginner and I am currently at Advanced Beginners. It is very friendly with lots of online content. This makes the learning fun and situational and not like a text book or Duolingo which is just learning words without context. I feel much happier with the videos and the in person classes. I would highly recommend Victoria and I will continue my journey with her.” David

“I have been attending lessons with Victoria for almost 2 years. She is an excellent teacher and my Spanish has improved noticeably! I recommend her to anyone wanting to learn Spanish in a natural way.” Emilie

“Victoria is a brilliant teacher who makes learning Spanish easy and intuitive! I’m an absolute beginner but she has managed to instil some confidence in me, especially in regards to speaking and listening, which is usually the part I find hardest when learning a language” Ting

“Victoria is a great teacher. She is supportive and encouraging throughout every lesson and offers interesting and varied activities to help you understand and improve. All this in a friendly environment which really helps to build confidence.” Sue

“Victoria’s classes are very relaxed, supportive and professional. There is a lovely, inclusive atmosphere and you can really notice your progress. An excellent, motivating learning experience.” Nick

“The classes and resources are well designed, carefully planned and engaging which really supports my learning. Victoria is incredibly enthusiastic, supportive and encouraging that it creates a great atmosphere for learning.” Claire

“Victoria is so kind and patient. She teaches Spanish naturally allowing you to learn without harsh criticism or correction. I have developed a love of Spanish and feel free to speak with confidence.” Claire M

“I completed the beginners course with Victoria and loved it. She has an informal and immersive teaching style. I haven’t been able to carry on due to work commitments but found it had made a massive difference to my level of understanding when I was in Spain recently.” Rachel

“Victoria is a fantastic teacher, enthusiastic, professional and makes learning Spanish a lot of fun! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and I’ve already signed up for the second course.” Karen

Victoria is an excellent teacher. I had been learning Spanish for over a year on my own before starting with Victoria and had a reasonable grasp on grammar but my listening skills were terrible. Since starting with Victoria my conversational and listening skills have dramatically improved. Victoria gets me talking solely in Spanish for the whole hour. She gives me time to articulate my thoughts and never rushes me. It is like talking non stop to a friend in Spanish for a whole hour. Fantastic teacher who knows how to tailor her lessons to the individual’s needs.

For my job I needed to improve my Spanish skills from non-existent to European level B (intermediate) within a year. Apart from taking a language course with the OU I also signed up for private tuition with Victoria. Those sessions have definitely been worth my money and time as they were tailored to my needs at all times. María would always go the extra mile to make each meeting worthwhile, interesting and enjoyable. I have succeeded to get a Grade 2 pass after a year of intense learning with and from María but even more importantly I have come to love the language and culture as well. ¡Muchas gracias, Victoria! :)

“Victoria is an excellent teacher. Her lessons are always well prepared, stimulating and well balanced. Her sense of humour and relaxed manner remove any inhibitions one may have about speaking Spanish and her lessons are a joy to attend!” VJ

“I have been having lessons with Victoria since June (2014), once, sometimes twice, a week with the main objective to improve my Spanish listening and speaking skills, especially with day to day topics that I can actually use whilst in Spain.  We have also covered grammatical aspects outside of the usual night-school curricula.

The lessons are structured and varied, and nicely informal with the use of text, audio and video exercises.  I am conscious of improvements all round and am able to attempt conversation with much more confidence.  Also my reading, and consequently vocabulary is so much better.

To sum up, studying with Victoria is rewarding and has certainly increased my enthusiasm towards learning the language.” Tony

“Victoria is an experienced, well organised and engaging tutor. We are learning in a small group of three which she helped us organise. We are all at slightly different levels and are learning for different purposes but I feel Victoria has managed to accommodate our varied needs well.” Dominika

“We are a family of three and have been coming for lessons for just under a year. The lesson is in a friendly, no pressure environment and Victoria is very patient and attentive. Our knowledge and speaking of the Spanish language has increased tremendously and we now have the confidence to communicate when on holiday in Spanish speaking countries. We would recommend Victoria to all.” Nikki

“Victoria is an excellent teacher who works with patience, enthusiasm and humour. I thoroughly enjoy her lessons, which are varied, interesting and move at a good pace. Lessons are given in Spanish, there is constant speech time and room to question. These are the best Spanish lessons I have ever had.” Bea

“I really enjoy Victoria’s lessons; the atmosphere is friendly and supportive and there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions. Victoria makes a real effort to ensure that the lessons are varied and to tailor them to the needs of her students. They have given me a lot more confidence to speak Spanish when I’m on holiday. Thanks, Victoria:-)” Chris


“excellent teacher”

“the confidence you gave me”

“like talking non-stop to a friend”

“engaging tutor”

“patient and attentive”

“we now have confidence to communicate”

“we would recommend Victoria to all”

“best Spanish lessons I have ever had”

“I’ve been able to hold conversations”

“a lot more confidence to speak”

About your teacher

Victoria qualified as a teacher in Spain and taught English to Spanish adults for ten years in Gran Canaria. She has a degree in philology and another in translation.

Since 2013 she has been applying those same language teaching skills to teach her native language through private tuition in Sheffield, and now through group in-person and online learning.

She is an enthusiastic and engaging teacher who will put you at your ease and make learning fun and successful.

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